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Here is a list of some of our most common questions
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1What is Branding?
Brand Development is Changing the Public Perception of your Brand.
2What is Broadcast Design ?
Broadcast Design is the Ability to Maintain Brand Continuity Across Digital Mediums of Advertising.
3What Creative Services do you Offer ?
Print & Brand Design , Photo & Video Production, Website Design & Management, Motion & Graphic Design.
4Can You Redesign or Enhance Existing Content ?
We Can Redesign Existing Creative Collateral if Provided the Correct File Format.
1Where will my ad be located ?
Your ad will be visible in google searches on the web, mobile phones, Google Maps, and relevant partner websites.
2Will my ad only be visible locally ?
Your ad's geographical visibility is set prior to the campaign. So as a storefront we set the campaign by zip code. E-commerce sites can be set nationally.
3How is the budget calculated ?
Your ad campaign can start at any amount that you choose. You only pay for the results that you receive after users click on your ad.
4Why is Google ranking so popular ?
You are targeting people that are already searching for your product or service. Essentially positioning your company ahead of the competition.
1Why Are So Many Companies Moving Towards Video Marketing?
Video Appeals To More Senses Than Mere Text Such As: Sight, Sound, Logic, and Movement.
2What Is Video Marketing ?
Using a Video to Communicate what your Product or Service has to Offer. While Pointing out What Makes you Different from other Companies.
3What Types Of Videos Does Your Company Create ?
We Film & Produce: Corporate, Interview, Testimonials, Seminar, Explainer, Animation, Training, On-Site Special Event Videos and Much More.
4What Geographical Areas Will You Travel To ?
We Are Available for Mostly Domestic Travel and some International Countries.

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